Victoria Ruta Skirpa

   About the Designer

At an early age, Victoria learned the value of independence from her grandfather, who fought and sacrificed throughout his life for the independence Lithuania.

As a designer Victoria is inspired by her heritage, and seeks creative independence in the realms of jewelry and art.

Victoria has danced with Butoh master Shinichi Iova-Koga, sculpted glass, both hot and cold,  and hammered stainless steel and 24K gold. Her eclecticism and diverse set of skills have become the foundation for her creations.

Her jewelry pieces are handmade little wonders. They play with movement and engage the senses, providing joy and playfulness to those that wear her pieces.

In a world where there are unspoken rules and categories, Victoria is like a dancer in a minefield, we can only wonder at the boldness and deftness of each step.

— Andrew Werby, United Artworks